Growth Mindset

“Everything the company does and chooses not to do flows from a single motivation: Zuckerberg’s relentless desire for growth. Quiñonero’s AI expertise supercharged that growth. His team got pigeonholed into targeting AI bias, as I learned in my reporting, because preventing such bias helps the company avoid proposed regulation that might, if passed, hamper that growth. Facebook leadership has also repeatedly weakened or halted many initiatives meant to clean up misinformation on the platform because doing so would undermine that growth.” MIT Tech Review: How Facebook got addicted to spreading misinformation.

+ Democrats and Republicans alike are talking about breaking down big tech monopolies. (When it comes to the breakup trend, Trump offered some protection for Zuckerberg. I imagine that’s part of the reason right wing conspiracies spread so quickly and freely.)

+ Interesting study: Far-right news sources on Facebook more engaging.

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