“Boys, I want to tell you something,’ he said. ‘This is not a translator. I’m going to let her introduce herself to you.’ Pisano slapped the table in an instance of recognition. Everybody crumpled into tears. ‘I’m DesireĆ©,’ she said, her voice wavering.” LA Times: As a 9-year-old, she was saved at sea. Thirty-five years later, she reunited with her rescuers. (This one is really good.)

+ You know what would make the vaccine news even better? More effective vaccines. A new one could be on the way. Novavax reported on March 11 that its COVID-19 vaccine is 96% efficacious in reducing mild, moderate or severe disease.

+ Lucha libre wrestlers enforce wearing of Covid masks at Mexican market.

+ A retired teacher tracks down dozens of students across Canada to return their childhood diaries. (If my elementary school teacher knocked on my door holding my diary, I’d probably call the cops. But these are Canadians!)

+ “Guru Harkishan Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Kidney Dialysis Hospital will offer dialysis facility to 101 patients simultaneously and it can cater to 500 patients daily, the DSGMC said in a statement. The hospital will offer its services to patients completely free of cost.”

+ Grandparents are getting to hug their grandkids for the first time after getting vaccinated.

+ WaPo: A Maryland man was dying. His longtime handyman gave him a kidney. (The operation took several weeks longer than promised…)