I Am Your Creator

When it comes to social media, we long ago gave up on self control. Thankfully, we’ve got another shot at success, this time with the control of others. One startup founder intent on enabling this kind of control explained the model. “We’re building an economy of attention where you purchase moments in other people’s lives, and we take it a step further by allowing and enabling people to control those moments.” The NYT’s Taylor Lorenz: For Creators, Everything Is for Sale. “Sure, it’s fun to control a famous influencer or celebrity, but it’s honestly just as entertaining to control someone you go to school with, or your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, or an author planning their next sci-fi novel, or a beauty founder creating their next makeup palette … It doesn’t matter how boring you think you are, there’s someone out there who would find your life interesting to the point that they’re willing to pay.” (How much would it cost just to make it all stop?)

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