The Harry and Meghan story is interesting in large part because things like this are still stories at all. You’re either really into the story, or really irritated by the fact that everyone else is. Royalty is absurd in this era, especially in a democracy. The only thing more absurd is feigning shock that people we foolishly call kings and queens, and actually bow towards, aren’t that excited about having a nonwhite outsider join the family. Meghan and Harry have a Netflix deal, a podcast deal, and a direct line to Oprah. That’s royalty in 2021, folks. If Archie launches a newsletter on Substack, all of the Windsors will relocate to SoCal. If you feel compelled to read about the royals, then read Patrick Freyne’s take in The Irish Times: Harry and Meghan: The union of two great houses, the Windsors and the Celebrities, is complete. “We cut sporadically to the couple’s own property, where they wander in hoodies, jeans and anoraks, as if to say, ‘We’re just regular rich folk, Oprah, no different from you or Tom Hanks or Jeff Bezos.'”