What to Book: A lot of what you know about the earliest days of the war on drugs is probably wrong, and a lot less interesting than the real story. Check out Johann Hari’s, Chasing the Scream: The Opposite of Addiction Is Connection for an interesting look at drugs, addiction, and how the war on drugs was a complete disaster from day one.

+ What to Pod: Barack Obama famously said he decided to run for president after he realized he couldn’t be Bruce Springsteen. (That’s actually a pretty healthy response. When I realized I couldn’t be Bruce Springsteen, I decided to get high all day and listen to Bruce Springsteen.) Well, Bruce and Barry are now together on a Spotify podcast called Renegades.

+ What to Watch: “So many Americans have died in hospitals without family by their side, but they were not alone. Nurses brush patients’ teeth, change their catheters and hold their hands in their final moments. In just a year, we’ve lost half a million Americans to Covid-19. Vaccinations may be offering some relief, but inside I.C.U.s, nurses continue to contend with the trauma and grief of America’s carousel of death.” Inside a Covid I.C.U., Through a Nurse’s Eyes. (Lost in all the lies, rage, and politics, there’s a human story. And it’s by far the biggest story of them all.)