We heard a lot about Texas and its power grid during the recent cold snap. But Mississippi had its own problems. And in Jackson, those problems still persist. The city has a boil water requirement more than two weeks after the storm. There are portable showers being deployed and the national guard has been called in to deliver drinking water to homes. As one local reporter tweeted: “How is it that the people of a state’s capital city in the richest nation on earth have been without running water for two weeks now?” It’s a fair question. CBS News: Jackson, Mississippi, residents remain without water for more than 2 weeks after storm.

+ NYT: After Stimulus, Biden to Tackle Another Politically Tricky Issue: Infrastructure. “As a candidate, Mr. Biden went further than either Mr. Trump or President Barack Obama by promising to pass a multitrillion-dollar package intended to create jobs and help the United States compete with China. And if anything, his first month in office, in which a power crisis in Texas left millions of people in need of water and electricity, has underscored the urgency of upgrading the nation’s aging structural underpinnings. But while the goal of addressing the United States’ infrastructure is bipartisan, the details are not.” (How about we start with making sure people can actually survive in their homes…)