“Was I five decades older than the students in Peru and out of touch with their sensibilities? Absolutely. Did I have perspectives to offer that they didn’t get at prep school? I think so. Am I a racist? I don’t think so.” Donald McNeil Jr tells his side of the story after being forced out at the NYT for some comments he made during a student trip. NYTimes Peru N-Word, Part One. It doesn’t make sense that he was forced out. When it comes to race, we’re in a battle for the soul of the country. We need to unify and focus on the big threats.

+ “International Booker winner Marieke Lucas Rijneveld will not translate inaugural poet’s work into Dutch after anger that a Black writer was not hired.” ‘Shocked by the uproar’: Amanda Gorman’s white translator quits. One lesson I’ve learned after a few decades sitting in front of the internet. There’s always outrage.