What to Read: “It is likely the largest internment of ethnic and religious minorities since the second world war.” It’s brutal and no one in the world seems to be doing much to try to stop it. With the Beijing Olympics coming in 2022, this could start getting the coverage it needs. Ben Mauk in The New Yorker with an incredible look Inside Xinjiang’s Prison State. The piece features some amazing art from Matt Huynh.

+ What to Book: No one does children’s books better than my friends Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr. Ben Yokoyama and the Cookie of Doom is ready and waiting for you and your kids. It’s getting killer reviews and has an awesome fortune cookie hook. Here’s the audio version. And here are the first few chapters online. This is going to be the next huge kid series.

+ What to Pan: The Always Pan from Our Place is one of those social media buzzy products I usually try to avoid. I’m glad I decided to get one of these, though. It’s an amazing pan with a new-fangled nonstick surface that makes cleaning it a breeze.

+ What to Hear: Radio Garden is a cool tool that let’s you check out radio stations from all over the world.