Let’s Take This Outside

Bill Donahue is a rural liberal who, over time, started to realize that most of his town’s cross-party discourse was held online and filled with vitriol. “I’ve worried that Gilmanton has become a casualty of Trump-inspired Internet sniping, so in the days after the election, I embarked on an experiment. I began approaching the myriad locals who, in writing, have attacked me and my political allies. I wanted to know whether liberals and conservatives can still even talk to each other in rural America, and I wondered: What if we took the dialogue offline?” What he found, at least at first, was that, let’s take the dialogue offline is the new let’s take this outside. But he kept trying. And if we’re gonna fix this country, actual face-to-face dialogue is the only way forward. WaPo: This Rural Liberal Set Out to Talk to His Pro-Trump Neighbors. “It didn’t go well — until it did.”

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