To Summerize…

I know what you did last summer. Nothing. I’m less sure about what you’re gonna be doing next summer. But it’s looking increasingly likely that ‘something’ is a distinct possibility. James Hamblin: A Quite Possibly Wonderful Summer. “Rather than an abrupt end to the pandemic, the coming months will be more like the beginning of an extended and still-volatile tail of the outbreak globally. What that will look like, and how long it will last, depends on how nations cooperate and coordinate—or fail to. Regardless of how quickly the immediate threat of viral illness subsides in the U.S., America’s choices in the coming weeks and months could mean the difference between a pandemic that ends this year and one that haunts everyone indefinitely.” (The one thing I’ve enjoyed during the pandemic is being able to avoid so many social events. 20 years from now when someone invites me somewhere, I’ll respond that I still don’t feel quite safe.)

+ Bloomberg: A U.S. Vaccine Surge Is Coming, With Millions of Doses Promised.

+ Data finds Pfizer vaccine highly effective after first dose, can be stored in normal freezers.

+ For now, Israel is the world’s vaccination petri dish. Vaccinated Israelis to enjoy bars and hotels with green pass.

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