Among other things, Covid held up a mirror to our inequalities. Climate change will be like a magnifying mirror. Buzzfeed: The Deadly Winter Storm In Texas Has Exposed The State’s Deep Inequalities. “With hundreds of thousands still left without power and water, the suffering of some of its most vulnerable residents has exposed a deep chasm between who can afford to escape the deadly cold and who can’t.”

+ Jerry Jones’ Company Hits ‘Jackpot’ As Harsh Storms Send Natural Gas Prices Surging.

+ The Ted Cruz Cancun story is still frozen in time (and in the memories of Texans). “Cruz’s approach to politics and Texas’s approach to electrical generation flow from the same libertarian-inflected, low-regulation, small-government vision. In this worldview, the government’s role is to set a set of minimal baseline requirements, offer market-based incentives to ensure they work, and then stay the hell out of the way.” David Graham in The Atlantic: The senator’s error is not that he was deliberately shirking his duty, but that he couldn’t think of any way he could help.

+ If you’re a plumber anywhere near Texas, you’re gonna be busy fixing water pipes for a while.