“One day, Feldman was riding a bike in the neighboring hills when, he said, ‘it suddenly hit me: Facebook needs a Supreme Court.’ He raced home and wrote up the idea, arguing that social-media companies should create ‘quasi-legal systems’ to weigh difficult questions around freedom of speech. ‘They could cite judicial opinions from different countries,’ he wrote. ‘It’s easy to imagine that if they do their job right, real courts would eventually cite Facebook and Google opinions in return.’ Such a corporate tribunal had no modern equivalent, but Feldman noted that people need not worry: ‘It’s worth recalling that national legal systems themselves evolved from more private courts administered by notables or religious authorities.’ He gave the memo to Sandberg, who showed it to Zuckerberg.” The New Yorker’s Kate Klonick: Inside the Making of Facebook’s Supreme Court. (It’s better to have a social network Supreme Court ruling Facebook than it is to have a single person making all the decisions. But when our tech overlords are massive and powerful enough to require the tools of nation states, we should be worried…)