“The organizations praise Disale for going above and beyond his job description. Over the years, he has learned a new language, invented ways to help students learn with technology and even endured attacks — all to ensure his students, especially girls, can keep learning.” NPR: Village Teacher Wins $1 Million Prize For World’s Most ‘Exceptional’ Educator.

+ Saudi women’s rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul released from prison. (Biden effect.)

+ This photographer documented the positive impact of a new supermarket that opened in a food desert.

+ World’s second-oldest person survives COVID-19 at age 116.

+ A rival “tip war” that’s been escalating for nearly a month has now generated over $34,000 for Cincinnati restaurant workers struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

+ A young program that puts troubled nonviolent people in the hands of health care workers instead of police officers has proven successful in its first six months.

+ The child was hiding in a closed garbage can that was dumped into the back of the truck. The driver saw the boy and got him out or he would have been crushed. (I need to find a new place to hide from my family during quarantine…)

+ Cat lost in Toronto airport more than 3 weeks ago returned to Winnipeg man. (Five bucks says its passport stamps will match an international crime spree.)

+ Naomi Osaka wouldn’t hurt a fly. At least not a butterfly.