Weekend Whats

What to Book: We’re going full book this week. Let’s start with Nicole Perlroth’s incredible look at the cyber-weapons arms race. Usually, books on things you should know about can feel like homework to read. That’s not the case here. I got an advance copy and it’s riveting. You will be hooked in the first few pages. This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends: The Cyberweapons Arms Race.

+ What to Book: Vendela Vida’s excellent new novel We Run the Tides is out on Tuesday. It’s such a great story of friendship, girlhood, nostalgia and life in 1980s San Francisco. Tom Stoppard said, “I didn’t want it to end.” Same.

+ What to Book: After getting rejected by every investor he pitched, Suneel Gupta had a burning question. Could a person learn to be backable? So he asked the people who are and those who back them. And the result is this really informative book with a killer cover and helpful advice no matter what you’re trying to achieve. Backable: The Surprising Truth Behind What Makes People Take a Chance on You.

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