“The consequences of the overflowing urinal would prove more insidious and persistent than any physical damage. The incident helped propel conspiracy theories and a disinformation campaign, already set in motion by then President Trump and his allies, which led to violent threats against Moss and other Fulton employees—all 34 of whom, except for Barron, are Black. Ultimately, all the disinformation would lead to lasting emotional and psychological strife for Barron, Moss, and the rest of Fulton’s staff. Still, while democracy threatened to crumble around them, they risked their lives to hold it together.” Johnny Kauffman takes you Inside The Battle For Fulton County’s Votes. After 30,000 lies, it just took one to ruin lives and break a country. The Bigly Lie.

+ NYT: Fox News Is Sued by Election Technology Company for Over $2.7 Billion. “Smartmatic accused Rupert Murdoch’s network of promoting a false narrative about the 2020 election that damaged the company.” (Money seems to be the best weapon in the war to restore truth.)