“Drew sat on his living room couch. He poured himself a glass of whiskey and then another. He stopped. He didn’t have an alcohol problem and didn’t want anyone to surmise otherwise. His thoughts crashed into one another — about what it would look like and whom it would affect and who would find him. He was alone, alone until the end. At about 8 p.m., in one uninterrupted motion, he leaned to the side, reached out to the coffee table, lifted the gun, pressed it against his right temple and pulled the trigger. That was supposed to be the end of Drew Robinson’s story. Over the next 20 hours, he would come to realize it was the beginning of another.” ESPN’s Jeff Passan with a piece that has very useful information about depression, suicide, and talking about one’s feelings; along with just about the the unlikeliest survival story you’ll ever read. San Francisco Giants outfielder Drew Robinson’s remarkable second act.