It’s a small world after all. Covid-19 made it smaller. Several wealthy countries are getting vaccinated at a decent clip. Poor countries aren’t. There’s a health issue; we’re all connected and it’s going to be more effective to target the virus everywhere since humans tend to move. There’s a moral issue, but morality doesn’t always move the needle when it comes to policy. So let’s focus on the economic issue. It’s going to cost wealthy governments a hell of lot more in the long run if they ignore the vaccine inequality issue now. Dominant countries need to subsidize poorer ones. The New Yorker’s Isaac Chotiner talks to a couple economists who crunched the numbers: Why Rich Countries Should Subsidize Vaccination Around the World.

+ Oh, and hurry. James Hamblin: The Brazil Variant Is Exposing the World’s Vulnerability. “Somehow the coronavirus is rampaging through a city that was supposedly immune.”