“Interviews with central players, and documents including previously unreported emails, videos and social media posts scattered across the web, tell a more encompassing story of a more coordinated campaign. Across those 77 days, the forces of disorder were summoned and directed by the departing president, who wielded the power derived from his near-infallible status among the party faithful in one final norm-defying act of a reality-denying presidency. Throughout, he was enabled by influential Republicans motivated by ambition, fear or a misplaced belief that he would not go too far.” The NYT with a detailed look at the actions behind the big lie. 77 Days: Trump’s Campaign to Subvert the Election.

+ A week before the Senate impeachment trial, Trump’s legal team stepped aside because he insisted that they argue the election was stolen. Now he has a new team. WaPo: One of Trump’s new lawyers declined to charge Bill Cosby. The other maintains Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. (Trump can’t find one decent lawyer to defend his actions. Yet, he managed to find 45 senators who will.)

+ Dozens of former Bush officials leave Republican Party, calling it ‘Trump cult’. And, Spurred By The Capitol Riot, Thousands Of Republicans Drop Out Of GOP.

+ Is it the party of Lincoln or the party of Marjorie Greene? (The laser shields are a bad sign…)