“While pundits ponder the GOP’s future — and traditionalists hope to change course out of the wreckage left by Trump’s insurrection — Washington’s power players and state activists have already made their choice. Highlighting the former President’s lightning fast rehabilitation, the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will visit Trump in Florida on Thursday after repudiating his own criticism of the incitement of the US Capitol riot.” In the Republican Party, the post-Trump era lasted a week. (If your outrage over insurrection lasts more than for hours…)

+ “Many observers commented on the jarring mixture of Christian, nationalist and racist symbolism amongst the insurrectionists: there were Christian crosses and Jesus Saves banners, Trump flags and American flags, fascist insignia and a ‘Camp Auschwitz’ hoodie. Some saw apples and oranges. But it was really a fruit cocktail: White Christian Nationalism.” The NYT’s Thomas B. Edsall talks to the experts about how The Capitol Insurrection Was as Christian Nationalist as It Gets. (This is probably the most underreported factor behind Trumpism.)

+ Tim Kaine floats Trump censure as conviction grows unlikely. (Nothing beats sedition like a really good talking to.)