Spaced Force

“‘I’ve been to countries all over the world that are indoctrinated by propaganda,’ Mr. Newbold said in a long telephone interview last week, adding that he knew how misinformation could be used to manipulate the masses. ‘I have no doubts; I’m convinced that the election was not free and fair.’ He said he believed that unnamed elites had quietly pulled off a coup by manipulating election software, and warned that the country was still on the precipice of war.” Dave Philipps on the remarkable power of the Big Lie: From Navy SEAL to Part of the Angry Mob Outside the Capitol.

+ Nearly 1 In 5 Defendants In Capitol Riot Cases Served In The Military.

+ This is Us: Further evidence of how deranging the big lie is: People took selfies in the middle of committing serious crimes, in part because they were convinced in the moment that they were fighting a worthy fight. AP: Rioters flaunt involvement in Capitol siege.

+ Teen speaks out after alerting FBI about father’s alleged role in US Capitol siege.

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