“An estimated 29 million adults and at least 8 million children are experiencing hunger because of the pandemic.” Biden moves to increase food stamps during the pandemic. Biden is also “expected to sign an executive order on Friday aimed at raising the minimum wage for federal contractors to $15 dollars an hour. It’s the first step the Biden administration is taking to make good on a campaign promise to raise the United States’ minimum wage.” For the next steps, he’ll need Congress.

+ Senate confirms Lloyd Austin to be first Black defense secretary.

+ My friend (and FCC member) Jessica Rosenworcel has been calling for officials to get broadband to homes in rural markets and inner cities where it’s scarce. Her calls weren’t heeded, but 2020 proved that she was right about the need, as students fell behind because of unequal access to online school. This foresight is just one of the many reasons it’s great news that Rosenworcel was just named as acting FCC chief.