Wake up. Panic. Reach for phone. Nervously start to check news. Remember. Exhale. Put down phone. Go back to sleep… In his first hours in office, Joe Biden signed a collection of executive orders that included: Rejoining WHO, rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, and rejoining Western Democracies. “Biden wore a mask as he signed the orders in the Oval Office — a marked departure from Trump, who rarely wore a face covering in public and never during events in the Oval Office. But virus precautions are now required in the building. Among the executive actions signed Wednesday was one requiring masks and physical distancing on federal property and by federal employees.” Wearing a mask was key. It sends a message to the world that America now takes the hoax, err virus, seriously. AP: On Day One, Biden targets Trump policies on climate, virus. This isn’t just the first full day of the Biden era. It’s also the one year anniversary of the first Covid-19 case in America.

+ NYT: Biden’s 17 Executive Orders and Other Directives in Detail.

+ Day two is all about the nation’s most pressing issue: Covid-19. We have surging cases and a greatly accelerated death rate that has pushed us over the 400,000 mark this week. We also have a vaccine. We just need more of it and a better way to get it to more people. Reuters: “President Joe Biden will sign 10 executive orders on Thursday to fight the coronavirus pandemic, including directing that disaster funds be used to help reopen schools and requiring that people wear masks on planes and buses.”

+ Fauci to WHO: “Given that a considerable amount of effort will be required by all of us, the United States stands ready to work in partnership and solidarity to support the international Covid-19 response, mitigate its impact on the world, strengthen our institutions, advance epidemic preparedness for the future, and improve the health and well-being of all people throughout the world.” (Consider that this is a change in policy.) Here’s the latest on the Covid-19 moves from the NYT.

+ Biden inheriting nonexistent coronavirus vaccine distribution plan and must start ‘from scratch,’ sources say.

+ “Our scale allows us to make a meaningful impact immediately in the fight against COVID-19, and we stand ready to assist you in this effort.” Amazon offers to help Biden administration with COVID vaccine distribution. (One assumes Prime Members will get early access. Just don’t break the vials when you hurl the package over my front gate…)