And the Source You Rode in On

You’re not imagining it. The internet has been a better place over the past few days. That’s because the source of tens of thousands of often deadly lies, and the one really big lie, has been de-platformed. “Online misinformation about election fraud plunged 73 percent after several social media sites suspended President Trump and key allies last week, research firm Zignal Labs has found, underscoring the power of tech companies to limit the falsehoods poisoning public debate when they act aggressively.” WaPo: Misinformation dropped dramatically the week after Twitter banned Trump and some allies. If you think that change was dramatic, wait until America de-platforms him in a few hours.

+ That’s not to say that The Big Election Lie will die with the Trump presidency. The person responsible for DC turning into a militarized zone must face consequences for his actions. The Senate must convict. And Senators and other officials who promoted the lie must also be held to account. Mitch McConnell said today that the Jan 6 Capitol insurrection was “provoked by the president and other powerful people.” (Some of those powerful people still refuse to accept Biden’s victory. Others, like McConnell, refused to accept it until December. History should remember them all.)

+ “The hardcore MAGA crowd will stay loyal, of course, and those few who have consistently opposed Trump will escape with their reputations intact. But for the majority of GOP officials, apparatchiks, and commentators who sacrificed their dignity at the altar of Trump, a collective case of amnesia seems destined to set in the moment he leaves office.” McCay Coppins in The Atlantic: The Coming Republican Amnesia.

+ I doubt anyone will forget this WaPo headline: GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert gave Capitol tour to ‘large’ group before the riots, Democratic lawmaker says.

+ It’s not just lawmakers. It’s the other liars too: With Trump’s exit, the Fox News presidency will come to an end. They lied about the virus. They lied about the election. They lied and people died.

+ Tim Naftali: “There are many verdicts on Donald Trump still to come, from the Senate, from juries of private citizens, from scholars and historians. But as a result of his subversion of national security, his reckless endangerment of every American in the pandemic, and his failed insurrection on January 6, one thing seems abundantly clear: Trump is the worst president in the 232-year history of the United States.” His record low approval average of 41% suggests as much. Melania also set a record for the worst final popularity rating ever for a first lady. (Give her some credit. With a little help from the platform bosses, she finally achieved her goal of ending cyberbullying.)

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