What to Doc: When Trump was elected, my brother in law Douglass (a Black pastor who was heavily involved in the Civil Rights Movement) said, “I’m upset. But I’m not gonna cry over this. I’ve already shed my tears over much worse.” It was a good reminder then, and now, that America has faced challenges before. Another great reminder, with some very sad parallels to current events, is one of the best documentary series ever. Eyes on the Prize. It’s available on Kanopy for free if you have a library card.

+ What to Read: Derek Black was a key player in the White Nationalist movement before he moved away from it with the help of friends. In the weeks following the 2016 election, he wrote this op-ed in the NYT. Why I Left White Nationalism. “The wave of violence and vile language that has risen since the election is only one immediate piece of evidence that this campaign’s reckless assertion of white identity comes at a huge cost. More and more people are being forced to recognize now what I learned early: Our country is susceptible to some of our worst instincts when the message is packaged correctly.” For four years we’ve had to listen to the nonsense that Trump wasn’t egging on violent White Supremacists, even though former leaders of the movement, and every signal from social media to the streets, was telling us the opposite.

+ What to Flint: Rachel Maddow has an amazingly concise look at how Flint and Michigans’s now indicted ex-Gov relate to what happened last week.