“We are all responsible. My colleagues are responsible for not condemning rioters this past year. Others, including myself, are responsible for not speaking out sooner before the president misinformed and inflamed a violent mob who tore down the American flag and brutally beat Capitol Police officers.” So said Representative Dan Newhouse of Washington State as he became one of the ten GOP House members to vote to impeach Trump. Ten is the largest number of opposing party members ever to vote for a president’s impeachment, and these folks should be lauded for their decision. But, man, 197 is a whole lot of folks voting against impeachment after what Liz Cheney accurately called the greatest “betrayal by a president of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.” People died. They themselves were targeted. All the incitement was fully out in the open. And that gets you ten. NYT: These Are the Republicans Who Supported Impeaching Trump.

+ Trump’s been impeached again. What’s next?

+ “Unlike the insurrectionists, they were polite and proper about it. But the danger they pose to our democracy is much greater than that posed by the members of the mob, who can be identified and caught, and who will face serious legal consequences for their acts.” In The Atlantic, Zeynep Tufekci nails it: The most dangerous thing that happened Wednesday occurred after the mob dispersed. “A stunning 139 representatives—66 percent of the House GOP caucus—along with eight GOP senators, promptly voted to overturn the election.”

+ Long after Trump is gone, we’re going to be dealing with the fact that the ideology was in the house before the mob. “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a freshman lawmaker from Georgia who’s best known for her support of the QAnon conspiracy theory, said on Twitter Wednesday that she would file articles of impeachment against Biden the day after he takes office.” And NYT: Rep. Lauren Boebert represents an increasingly clamorous faction of the party that carries Mr. Trump’s anti-establishment message and is ready to break all norms in doing so. A Republican Lawmaker for Whom the Spectacle Is the Point.

+ And from WaPo, the most American headline of 2021: As U.S. Capitol attack unfolded, some Hill staffers remembered their school-shooting drills.