“Those who made their way to the grounds of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday hail from at least 36 states, along with the District of Columbia and Canada, according to a Washington Post list of over 100 people identified as being on the scene of the Capitol. Their professions touch nearly every facet of American society: lawyers, local lawmakers, real estate agents, law enforcement officers, military veterans, construction workers, hair stylists and nurses. Among the crowd were devout Christians who highlighted Bible verses, adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory and members of documented hate groups, including white nationalist organizations and militant right-wing organizations, such as the Proud Boys.” WaPo: The Capitol mob: a raging collection of grievances and disillusionment.

+ “I sat down with one of my buddies, another Black guy, and tears just started streaming down my face. I said, ‘What the f-ck, man? Is this America? What the f-ck just happened? I’m so sick and tired of this shit … These are racist-ass terrorists.” These Black Capitol Police Officers Describe Fighting Off Racist-Ass Terrorists. (If nothing else, breaking the glass of the Capitol broke down the facade that people used to hide the truth about Trumpism. Let’s review: Birtherism was about racism. Both sides was about racism. The Muslim ban was about racism. The Wall was about racism. “When the looting starts the shooting starts” was about racism. Lafayette Square was about racism. Carrying the Confederate Flag through the hallowed halls of the Capitol breach was about racism. Trumpism is Racism.)

+ “This insurrection wasn’t just redneck white supremacists and QAnon kooks. The people participating in, espousing, or cheering the violence cut across the different factions of the Republican Party and those factions were working in unison.” Terry Bouton who has seen many protests (and now one riot) with an interesting thread on what he saw and heard.

+ Check out Lindsey Graham being called a traitor by Trump supporters. (You can create a monster, but you can’t control a monster.)

+ “Following the events of Wednesday, including sheltering with several colleagues who refused to wear masks, I decided to take a Covid test.” Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman test positive for Covid.

+ NYT: Some notable arrests so far.

+ The worst may be yet to come: Armed protests being planned at all 50 state capitols, FBI bulletin says.