Murdoch, She Wrote

The WSJ editorial board has indicated that the best outcome would be for Trump to resign to spare the U.S. another impeachment fight. But before we give a Murdoch-owned publication too much credit, let’s remember how we got into this mess. Margaret Sullivan in WaPo: The pro-Trump media world peddled the lies that fueled the Capitol mob. Fox News led the way. “In the Trump era, the network — now out of favor for not being quite as shameless as the president demands — was his best friend and promoter. So to put it bluntly: The mob that stormed and desecrated the Capitol on Wednesday could not have existed in a country that hadn’t been radicalized by the likes of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, and swayed by biased news coverage.” (And then there are all those people who died from Covid, believing it was just a hoax.)

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