“Tommy Raskin had a perfect heart, a perfect soul, a riotously outrageous and relentless sense of humor, and a dazzling radiant mind. He began to be tortured later in his 20s by a blindingly painful and merciless ‘disease called depression,’ as Tabitha put it on Facebook over the weekend, a kind of relentless torture in the brain for him, and despite very fine doctors and a loving family and friendship network of hundreds who adored him beyond words and whom he adored too, the pain became overwhelming and unyielding and unbearable at last for our dear boy, this young man of surpassing promise to our broken world.” Congressman Jamie Raskin and Sarah Bloom Raskin with a moving piece about the death of their son Tommy. This is about the often ignored scourge of depression. But it’s also about deep loss during a year when so many suffered them, and when we took so little time to mourn.