“‘Sadly, Mitch forgot,’ reads the top of the slide sent to Republican senators by Trump’s personal assistant, written in red for emphasis. “He was the first one off the ship.'” Every enabler will ultimately be thrown under the Trump bus. McConnell just had his turn. And next up is Mike Pence: “Targets of his outrage include Vice President Pence, chief of staff Mark Meadows, White House counsel Pat Cipollone, Secretary of State Pompeo and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Trump thinks everyone around him is weak, stupid or disloyal — and increasingly seeks comfort only in people who egg him on to overturn the election results. We cannot stress enough how unnerved Trump officials are by the conversations unfolding inside the White House.” Axios: Trump turns on everyone. (It will take a while before Pence’s lips can be pried from Trump’s ass so he can respond. But in the meantime, he continued to support the president’s effort to spread the virus as much as possible.)

+ “Trump’s efforts to cling to power are unprecedented in American history. While political parties have fought over the results of presidential elections before, no incumbent president has ever made such expansive and individualized pleas to the officials who oversee certification of the election results. Trump even used his presidential perch to compel officials to talk with him, summoning state officials to the White House on a few-hours notice and insisting that his outreach was simply part of his presidential duties.” Politico: Inside Trump’s pressure campaign to overturn the election.