Everyone in the administration is making plans for new gigs after January 20. But one person can’t let it go. And it’s a dangerous person. “President Trump remains defiant, refusing to publicly acknowledge that he lost on Nov. 3. In a recent meeting with allies, he discussed deploying the military to rerun the election and appointing Sidney Powell as a special counsel on voter fraud.” Trump sat in the Oval Office chatting with the fully crazy Sidney Powell and the fully treasonous Michael Flynn about ways to overturn the election, including the use of the military. Everyone who said we were exaggerating about the risk posed by Trump was wrong. And while I don’t usually believe in clairvoyants, telepaths, or psychics, Adam Schiff told us how things would play out if the Senate left Trump in office. And just about every warning has come true.

+ A week after the election, with the help of a psychoanalyst, I explained why Trump’s spiral was inevitable. You can’t imagine the internal pressure Trump is under right now. No sane person could. It’s about psychic survival. Grand Theft Autogolpe. Here it is as a Twitter thread if you want to share.

+ Peter Wehner in The Atlantic: Trump Is Losing His Mind.

+ Barr says no need for special counsels to investigate election or Hunter Biden. (Barr lets a tiny bit of truth slip out and it’s front page news.)

+ “Watching the Trump campaign’s attacks on the election results, I now see what might have happened if, rather than nip and tuck the Trump agenda, responsible Justice Department attorneys had collectively — ethically, lawfully — refused to participate in President Trump’s systematic attacks on our democracy from the beginning. The attacks would have failed.” Erica Newland in the NYT: I’m Haunted by What I Did. So is America.