During a debriefing, Russian agent Konstantin Kudryavtsev gave new meaning to fire in my loins when he explained how Alexey Navalny was followed and then poisoned by toxins embedded in his underwear. The agent let it all hang out, sharing the details of his team’s endowment plan. “But the agent was not speaking to an official in Russia’s National Security Council as he thought. He was talking to Navalny himself, who almost died after being poisoned in August … At times he is clearly apprehensive about talking on an unsecured line but Navalny, speaking at times in a brusque and urgent way, persuades him that senior officials are demanding a report immediately and says that ‘all of this will be discussed at the Security Council on the highest level.'” Navalny’s underwear was poisoned, but his foe was caught with his pants down. Taint that a shame. To avoid such horrors in my drawers, I always go commando. (Just kidding, I’m a neurotic, Jewish middle aged male. I wear one pair of briefs under my pants, and one pair over just to be safe.) CNN: Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny dupes spy into revealing how he was poisoned.