“More than 30 states filed an antitrust suit against Google on Thursday that demands a breakup of the search giant, accusing it of abusing its control over online search to squeeze out competitors and make inroads into new markets such as home speakers. The suit — the third major antitrust complaint against Google since late October, and the second in two days — adds to the mounting government effort to rein in the world’s biggest tech companies.” More than 30 states file suit demanding breakup of Google. The law going after big tech is shaping up to be one of the big stories of 2021.

+ “Facebook further escalated its long-brewing fight with Apple this week, launching a second round of full-page newspaper ads Thursday charging that new Apple privacy measures will hurt small businesses. At the same time, Facebook is backing developers in a lawsuit against Apple’s app store policies.” (Big tech companies are so big that the only thing that can threaten them is other big tech companies.)