“A sense of anger with seemingly contradictory lockdown orders is growing along with virus cases, which are reaching new records across the state. It’s a major reversal of fate for the first U.S. state to impose a lockdown in March, a move hailed as a success that kept the state from experiencing a surge of infections and death like what happened in New York.” Don’t kid yourself. The debate over shelter in place orders is not limited to red states. It’s raging in California.

+ There are two reasons that Californians and others are right to be furious. First, the government should be helping to make small business whole during the periods when they’re closed. Second, some of the rules aren’t based in science and really don’t make much sense, which is bad because the people following the rules also follow the science. The Bay Area is more skeptical of COVID-19 lockdowns this time. Why? (It’s also dropped to below 60 degrees, so it’s not like we can go outside…)