See You Real Soon. Why? Because of Our IP

“As Disney rolled out show after show … methodically ticking off Marvel character after Marvel character, Star Wars spinoff after Star Wars spinoff, Pixar movie after Pixar movie (The Verge did you a favor and culled the list of announcements to the most important 52) — I couldn’t help but think about how Disney is playing the streaming video game at an entirely different level from its competition.” CNBC: Disney shows off the unstoppable power of its franchises as stock hits an all-time high. (The TV migration from rabbit ears to mouse ears is nearing its conclusion.)

+ That’s the story of the Disney stock price and the shows coming to those of us who can easily afford paid TV apps. The other half of the 2020 Disney story is about a Disney World waitress struggling to hold onto her middle-class life amid a pandemic and catastrophic layoff. The excellent Greg Jaffe: I Didn’t Make It.

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