Stomach Lining Up

“Feeding America estimates those facing hunger will swell to 1 in 6 people, from 35 million in 2019 to more than 50 million by this year’s end. The consequences are even more dire for children — 1 in 4, according to the group.” AP: Millions of hungry Americans turn to food banks for 1st time. (The despondency and rage of those hit hard by shutdowns is 100% justified. Not because of the shutdowns themselves, which are vital, but because of the Congressional failure to help them out.)

+ “With an unemployment rate of 26 percent in September, West Farms has become an epicenter of New York’s economic crisis, one of the hardest hit urban communities in the country and emblematic of the pandemic’s uneven toll. Though no corner of the city has escaped the fallout, the mass job losses have been concentrated in mostly Black and Latino pockets outside Manhattan that have long lagged economically behind the rest of the city. Communities like West Farms have also suffered disproportionately from the coronavirus itself, with higher rates of people becoming ill.” NYT: ‘It Makes Me Angry’: These Are the Jobless in a City Filled With Wealth.

+ Guy Fieri raised more than $21.5 million in seven weeks to assist unemployed restaurant workers. (That’s awesome, but he shouldn’t have to do it. Congress knows exactly where the pain is.)

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