Screen Shot

The pandemic has changed the way a lot of companies do business. Some of those changes could stick around. Starting this month, new Warner Bros movies will appear on HBO Max (and stay there for a month) at the same as they hit movie theaters. Now, that makes perfect sense. But in the post pandemic world that theater chains have been eagerly awaiting, it could be a big blow to their businesses. As theater screens keep getting smaller and home theater screens (especially those powered by projectors) keep getting bigger, this move was probably inevitable; especially now that the money is so clearly in streaming subscriptions. Maybe the content owners should distribute TV series and miniseries to movie theaters. It’s the better content these days anyway. And imagine how many tubs of popcorn you could down watching all of Queen’s Gambit in one sitting. Variety: Hollywood, Theater Owners Sound Off on Warner Bros.’ Bold HBO Max Move: “I guess the movie theaters will just be Halloween stores now.” (Sadly, most of them are too small.)

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