The Man Who Conned Himself

“Trump claimed in Wednesday’s video, again without evidence, that ‘corrupt forces’ had stuffed ballot boxes with fraudulent votes. He claimed the fraud was ‘massive’ and ‘on a scale never seen before.’ He called on the Supreme Court to ‘do what’s right for our country,’ which he suggested entailed terminating hundreds of thousands of votes so that ‘I very easily win in all states.'” WaPo: Trump escalates baseless attacks on election with 46-minute video rant. This is the person who, for now, holds the gig as the leader of the free world. And he’s demonstrating the symptoms of a desperate psychotic defense in the face of the threat of total narcissistic collapse. Or a master class in grift. As Michael Cohen suggests, it’s probably both at the same time. He’s conning the public (with remarkable effectiveness if you consider the nearly $200 million he’s raised with this nonsense) and he also believes what he’s saying.

+ NYT: “President Trump on Wednesday released a 46-minute videotaped speech that denounced a ‘rigged’ election and was filled with lies the day after his own attorney general joined election officials across the country in attesting to his defeat. Mr. Trump recorded what he said ‘may be the most important speech I’ve ever made.'” In terms of the damage it could do, it may very well have been. (At least major news sites are now describing lies as lies.)

+ “The idea that the U.S. military would oversee a new nationwide presidential election — ordered under martial law by President Donald Trump — is ‘insane in a year that we didn’t think could get anymore insane,’ a defense official tells Military Times. Yet retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn promoted that exact idea Tuesday evening when he tweeted a press release from an Ohio-based conservative political organization.”

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