AP: Thanksgiving could make or break US coronavirus response. “As governors and mayors grapple with an out-of-control pandemic, they are ratcheting up mask mandates and imposing restrictions on small indoor gatherings, which have been blamed for accelerating the spread of the coronavirus. But while such measures carry the weight of law, they are, in practical terms, unenforceable, and officials are banking on voluntary compliance instead. Good luck with that.” We sort of already know how this holiday season is going to turn out. NPR: Millions Of Americans Traveling For Thanksgiving, Ignoring CDC Advice, and the TSA just recorded its busiest travel weekend since March. (This could be the first Thanksgiving when you’d be better off being a turkey.)

+ “Now it’s not having to contemplate a world without Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and Christmas: it’s having to contemplate a world without one Thanksgiving and one Hanukkah and one Christmas. Then, all signs indicate that, sometime next winter or spring, a pharmacist will stick a needle in your arm (twice), and things will start slowly returning to normal—and our job is to get through to that singular event.” The New Yorker: Thanksgiving, the Coronavirus, and the Marshmallow Test. (If you pass this marshmallow test by spending Thanksgiving with fewer people, you actually get more marshmallows right away and you live to eat Marshmallows next year. Who could ask for smore?)