“At least some state and local Republican officials have defied the President and asserted the simple truth that so many of their fellow-Republicans in Washington have failed to acknowledge: the election was free, fair, and decisive.” The New Yorker: State and Local Republicans Standing Up to Trump Are Putting National G.O.P. Leaders to Shame.

+ Mitt Romney’s inspirations for bucking his party: his dad and his Black grandson.

+ “The Trump campaign’s legal team moved to distance itself Sunday from the firebrand conservative attorney after a tumultuous several days in which Powell made multiple incorrect statements about the voting process, unspooled unsupported and complex conspiracy theories and vowed to ‘blow up’ Georgia with a ‘biblical’ court filing.” Trump campaign legal team distances itself from Sidney Powell. It’s really something when a guy who gave a presser at a landscaping company and who was leaking sludge from his temples thinks you’re too whacked out to associate with.

+ “The coup was a farce at the time but how soon it turned to tragedy. They called it a constitutional crisis, but how soon it became a real one. Right now, the same thing is happening to you. I’m trying to warn you America. It seems stupid now, but the consequences are not. You’re being coup’d.” I Lived Through A Stupid Coup. America Is Having One Now.

+ Loren Culp lost Washington’s gubernatorial race by more than 545,000 votes, but he’s not conceding. (Great, now everyone’s doing it.)

+ What if Trump won’t leave the White House? A hostage negotiator, an animal-control officer, and a toddler whisperer have advice.