What to Watch: The Undoing on HBO is just the high production, well-acted, but pretty goofy crime series we need during a holiday week. Enjoy Nicole Kidman doing her thing and Hugh Grant, amazingly, going full Hugh Grant in the least Hugh Grant role imaginable.

+ What to Rock: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is always a good show. This year’s edition is greatly limited by the lack of live performances, but the minidocs on the inductees made up for what was missing. The Eagles on manager Irving Azoff are amazing, and it’s great that the Doobie Bros finally got their due. If not for the goofy name, that band would regularly be in the discussion of the top five or six American rock acts of all time.

+ What to Read: “Little-known fact: Denmark—the land of hygge, well-designed furniture, and generous parental leave—is also the world’s largest exporter of mink fur. Or at least it was until earlier this month, after a new and potentially dangerous mutation in the coronavirus, called “cluster 5,” was discovered to have jumped from mink to humans. In response to the perceived threat, Denmark’s Social Democrat–led government ordered the country’s entire flock—up to 17 million animals—destroyed.” Vanity Fairs Lisa Abend with a look at How COVID Caused Denmark’s Historic Fur-Industry Disaster. This one has a lot of different aspects to it, almost all of which are interesting and a bummer.