Lockdown Mode

“Faced with a startling spike in coronavirus cases, California health officials issued a new mandate this week requiring residents to wear face coverings whenever they’re outside their homes, with few exceptions.” A few weeks ago, we were flattening the curve. This thing is a monster.

+ “As hospitals in Iowa fill up with COVID-19 patients amid a major surge in cases in recent weeks, Gov. Kim Reynolds, who once dismissed coronavirus restrictions as ‘feel-good’ measures, has abruptly reversed course, issuing the state’s first mask mandate.” Iowa Governor Reverses Course, Issues Mask Mandate. Covid doesn’t give a shit about political pandering. Mask the eff up.

+ “Philadelphia is prohibiting most indoor gatherings through Jan. 1, joining cities across the U.S. that have begun to button up again as the coronavirus spreads relentlessly. High schools and colleges in Philadelphia are moving to remote learning. Restaurants must revert back to takeout, delivery and outdoor dining only. Businesses like bowling alleys, movie theaters and arcades will once again have to shut their doors.”

+ “Amid a furious backlash on social media — including from people who questioned why they were not allowed to bury their dead while lawmakers attended fancy parties — Pelosi canceled the dinner, turning it into a takeout meal instead.” WaPo: Pelosi reversal on Capitol dinner shows perils for Democrats in coronavirus era. Covid doesn’t give a shit about your political party. As long as there’s a party, it will come.

+ Meanwhile, Scott Atlas is urging people to spend Thanksgiving with elderly despite Covid because they may die soon. Scott Atlas is Jeffrey Dahmer with an MD.

+ Yesterday, we heard from an ER nurse who shared jaw dropping stories about people dying of covid who still don’t believe in covid.

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