“His carved-from-a-boulder face and 6’8” frame seem both too big and too good for the jaded lens of cable news. Like several of his fellow local elected officials also thrust into the cable-TV maw, Fetterman’s position as an honest, civic-minded politician clashes with the sputtering churn of Key Race Alerts and Breaking News: Tweets. His presence reminds us that American politics were built—and kept afloat, even during these past four years—by people who simply care about doing the right thing.” And looking good while doing it. GQ: Pennsylvania’s Carhartt-Wearing Lieutenant Governor Has Our Vote.

+ Miami Marlins hire Kim Ng as MLB’s first female general manager.

+ Vaccine alliance secures $2 billion to fund COVID shots for poor nations.

+ If you missed it the first time around, the NYT will catch you up with Dave Grohl, 10-Year-Old Nandi Bushell and One Very Epic Drum Battle.

+ Elise Wortley is replicating the achievements of historical female adventurers, wearing only the gear that would have been available to them at the time. (I’m recreating the behavior of my childhood while wearing essentially the same outfit I wore then.)

+ These interview outtakes from Leta Powell Drake were going around the internet this week. Quite fun.

+ NYT: A Sick Swan Is Saved After a 23-Mile Odyssey by Foot, Car and Subway.

+ China congratulates Joe Biden on being elected US president, says “we respect the choice of the American people.” At least somebody does!