“President-elect Joe Biden has chosen longtime Washington operative Ronald A. Klain as White House chief of staff, sending an early signal that he intends to rely heavily on experience, competence and political agility.” (This is a far cry from relying on people who appear on Fox News and get Covid.)

+ “The U.S. government has the tools, talent, and team to help fight the coronavirus abroad and minimize its impact at home. But the combination of Trump’s paranoia toward experienced government officials (who lack ‘loyalty’ to him), inattention to detail, opinionated rejection of science and evidence, and isolationist instincts may prove toxic when it comes to managing a global-health security challenge.” Klain saw the pandemic coming. And he saw the response coming. And his tenure can’t come soon enough. Klain, from January 30, 2020 in The Atlantic: Coronavirus Is Coming—And Trump Isn’t Ready.