They searched for fraud in Detroit polling places. All they found was comedy. WaPo: Trump campaign offers no evidence of fraud in Detroit ballot-counting. “Inside Detroit’s absentee-ballot-counting center, one Republican poll watcher complained that workers were wearing Black Lives Matter gear. She thought one of them — a ‘man of intimidating size’ — had followed her too closely. Another Republican poll watcher complained about the public address system. Workers were using it to make announcements. It was loud. ‘This was very distracting to those of us trying to concentrate,’ he said. A third poll watcher noticed that when absentee ballots came in from military personnel, many showed votes for Democrats. He found that odd.” (‘Man of intimidating size’ used to be my Tinder handle.)

+ “The plot came from a running app called Running Stories, which casts you as a secret agent in a story playing out with a heart-thumping soundtrack. It is one of the latest apps designed to make exercise more entertaining, using real-time data that integrates the plot with your surroundings.”

+ Turkmenistan leader unveils giant gold dog statue. (Nope, still not as embarrassing as our politics…)