And for the worst leader in American history, a presidency comes to an end where it began, and basically ran, on one of his golf courses. There are no mulligans in golf. And Joe Biden is about to try to replace the world’s biggest divot.

+ WaPo: How Trump’s erratic behavior and failure on coronavirus doomed his reelection. A few other reasons to note for those worried that Trump’s indecency had no effect? Consider the Pocahontas joke: Apache, Navajo and Coconino counties cast 74,000 votes for Biden to 2,000 for Trump in AZ. Add that to the McCain attacks, and it’s bye Arizona. Bye Nevada. And the John Lewis attacks. Bye Georgia. Being a jerk was the margin of defeat.

+ Five reasons why the election wasn’t a Biden landslide.

+ Twitter has applied warning labels to 37% of Trump’s tweets since final polls closed. He’ll keep lying. Let’s put it in terms Trump can understand. Your campaign earned 70 million. But it lost 75 million. So Deutsche Bank is president.