Better Late Than Whatever

“The measures, which could be rolled out as soon as Thursday, are a response to heightened strife and social discord on Facebook after the election on Tuesday, these people said. They said there had been more activity by users and Facebook groups to coordinate potentially violent actions over issues such as voter fraud. President Trump has falsely claimed on social media and in remarks from the White House over the past few days that the election was being ‘stolen’ from him, even while a final result remained unclear.” Mike Isaac in the NYT: Facebook, Alarmed by Discord Over Vote Count, Is Said to Be Taking Action. So they have a good way to stem the spread of false information and decrease the likelihood of violence and they’re gonna start that NOW?

+ “Twitter banned an account associated with Steve Bannon on Thursday and YouTube removed one of his videos after the former Trump adviser called for the beheadings of two federal officials. Bannon, in a video for his podcast recording, had said he wanted to behead FBI Director Christopher Wray and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious diseases expert.” Wow, they’re really getting strict these days.

+ Weekend Whats will return next Friday by which time I’ll have figured out whats what.

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