“One convoy drove through Marin City, California, the only part of Marin County where white residents are in the minority, and shouted racial epithets at children. Another in Fort Worth cruised through a polling station in a predominantly Black neighborhood, provoking an altercation with residents. In Temecula, California, a caravan blocked access to a voting center. A group in New York shut down the Mario Cuomo bridge. In Louisville, Kentucky, a ‘Trump Train’ member directed traffic with a gun at a high school. And in Texas, near Austin, trucks adorned with ‘Make America great again’ flags swarmed a Joe Biden campaign bus in an incident that is now under FBI investigation. These events, and dozens more in nearly every state in the U.S., were coordinated online by ‘MAGA Drag the Interstate,’ a self-described ‘grassroots assemblage of patriots’ who organize the ‘rolling rallies’ in a purported effort to remind people ‘that traditional American values matter.'” The QAnon Backers Behind Pro-Trump Caravans Blocking Roads And Disrupting The Election. Wanna worry about something? Worry about this.