“In Mr. Rempel’s farming community of Henderson and in the countryside that makes up much of the majority Republican state of Nebraska, people say that President Trump represents their deep convictions. And those strongly held beliefs exist in a good versus evil framework in which many see issues like abortion, immigration and what is to them the trade-exploiting, virus-spreading nation of China in the starkest of terms … The president’s supporters in places like rural Nebraska say they feel remembered. To them, these four years have brought a sense of belonging in a country led by someone who sticks up for, and understands, their most cherished beliefs.” Jonathan Rempel’s tractor went up in flames recently. If it was politically motivated, it’s as wrong as anything that happened in Marin City or on a Texas highway. And you can be frustrated with the ways Jonathan Rempel expresses his pain and anger (supporting Trump), but you can’t deny the pain and anger. Denying and ignoring that is one of the ways we got into this mess in the first place. NYT: He Already Saw the Election as Good vs. Evil. Then His Tractor Burned.