“Many of the officials I spoke to came back to one idea: You don’t know Donald Trump like we do. Even though they can’t predict exactly what will happen, their concerns range from the president welcoming, then leveraging, foreign interference in the election, to encouraging havoc that grows into conflagrations that would merit his calling upon U.S. forces. Because he is now surrounded by loyalists, they say, there is no one to try to tell an impulsive man what he should or shouldn’t do. ‘That guy you saw in the debate,’ a second former senior intelligence official told me, after the first debate, when the president offered one of the most astonishing performances of any leader in modern American history — bullying, ridiculing, manic, boasting, fabricating, relentlessly interrupting and talking over his opponent. ‘That’s really him. Not the myth that’s been created. That’s Trump.'” The NYT’s Ron Suskind with a great overview of what Trump has been, and what he could do The Day After Election Day.

+ “The footage that Trump posted appeared to be of the same truck caravan that the Biden campaign said ‘attempted to slow the bus down and run it off the road.'” Trump Cheers Caravan of Trucks That Swarmed Biden Bus in Texas.

+ “You may roll your eyes, but such things are not unimaginable, or even unrealistic. Normal people don’t like to imagine terrible events, which is why autocrats consistently surprise them. (As when I wrote here back in April that it would seem logical to someone like Trump to try to sabotage the US Postal Service if he thought it could help his electoral chances. Unimaginable, until it happened.)” Garry Kasparov: Win or lose, with Trump, prepare for the unimaginable after the election.

+ “A neighbor reports that AG William Barr’s house in McLean is being picketed by Trump supporters who believe he’s not doing enough to lock up Joe Biden.”

+ MoJo: Businesses Around the Country Are Boarding Up Ahead of Election Season. (Who knew that the smartest investment of 2020 would be in plywood…)