“For the past few weeks, I’ve been stockpiling all of the quantitative reasons why the 2020 election is really, truly different from 2016, from new polling methodologies to fewer undecided voters.” Derek Thompson on why the 2020 election won’t be a 2016 sequel. Don’t Sweat the Polls. (I fully agree. And yet, I’m drenched.)

+ “It’s not just that you’re a crook, Senator…” that was the opening line in Jon Ossoff’s viral takedown of incumbent Georgia Senator David Perdue that caused Perdue to drop out of the next debate. My favorite part was when Ossoff called Perdue (who also went viral for making fun of Kamala Harris’s name) out for his antisemitic ads. I’m not covering too many of the state races here, but this was the best Jewish performance since my bar mitzvah haftorah portion.